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The Pallottine Passion for the Mission of Christ

pentecost limburg

“We have gifts that differ according to the favor bestowed on each of us.”

(Romans 12: 6)

We are Pallottines:

With deep roots projecting

From the heart of Pallotti’s Vision,

We remain ever conscious

Of yesterday’s journey in raw courage:

Generous women daring to cross oceans

And divers continents, eagerly embracing

New cultures and accepting contradictory challenges.

We face different obstacles from those of our pioneers,

But we do so in the same spirit that graced the first sisters

In the early pursuit of the original dream of MISSION.

We are imbued with the Pallottine Passion for the Mission of Christ:

Although the road we travel is quite different today,

With challenges unique to our time in history,

Our hearts remain united with those champions of the past,

And we remain united to the quest of Pallotti’s contemplation.

Through the continued guidance of the Holy Spirit,

And the inspiration of Mary, Queen of Apostles,

The vision continues to mushroom in meaning.

We zealously march into the future possessing the Loving Spirit

Instilled by our founder, and nurtured by our pioneer sisters.

TOGETHER, we are called to passionately pave the way today

Toward the fulfillment of the Vision of the MISSION of CHRIST.

Sr. Phyllis Carpenter, SAC: 08/01/2011

“Pentecost” from the chapel in Marienborn, Limburg