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Pallotti Institute – Conference, May 9, 2013


On May 9, 2013, in the church of SS. Salvatore in Onda, members and friends of the Pallottine family met for the second of the annual conferences, organized by the Institute S. Vincent Pallotti in Rome. The theme of the reflection “The recommendations given by Pallotti to rekindle charity” was presented by Sr. Bożena Olszewska SAC from the Missionary Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate.


The PowerPoint illustrations projected on a screen were of great help to follow the presentation. At the beginning of her report Sr. Bożena reminded that it was the great desire, ideal and objective of St. Vincent Pallotti to revive faith and rekindle charity among the faithful. All the apostolic initiatives of the Saint were directed towards the realisation of this goal. Based on studies of Pallotti´s writings and on her personal reflection, the speaker presented the following ways and areas, recommended by Pallotti himself, in order to revive faith and rekindle charity: the listening of the Word of God, the perseverant Prayer, the Prayer of the Rosary, the participation in the suffering of Christ, the propagation of the teachings of the Church, the veneration of the ancient institutions of the Church, the exercise of the works of corporal charity, the divulgation of the good press, the diffusion of devotional objects, the witness of life and every other advisable work.

These recommendations of Pallotti – as Sr. Bożena expressed in her conclusion – may help to encourage and inspire us to revive faith and rekindle charity in the people of today’s world, especially with regard to the challenges of the New Evangelization. Our actual world needs Christians strong in faith and burning with love, as only with a living and authentic faith, which is carried by the works of charity, one can set the world on fire and attract others to Christ our Saviour. We followers of Pallotti are invited to live the fantasy, the creativity of love, rekindling charity in those whom we meet on the road of life.