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The spark of the missionary spirit of our pioneer Sisters once again has ignited a fire in the hearts of Sr. Mary Alangaram and Sr. Japamala Francis of the Indian Province as they venture into the new mission in the Diocese of Bacolod in the Philippines.




After a prayerful missioning service in the presence of a large number of Sisters at the Provincialate in Bangalore, they departed India on 25 May, 2016. The Pallotine Fathers in Bacolod City welcomed and accommodated them in their initial days. Gradually, as have every missionary, they, too, looked for a rental house and began their ministry.

Bishop Vincente Navarra, D.D. of the Bacolod Diocese blessed and affirmed them with his prayerful support for the success of the mission. He reminded the Sisters to live a Christ centered life and to be witnesses of joy to the people.




The new missionaries write: “Indeed, this new mission that we have ventured into is not just a new beginning; it is also a new commitment. We are on our journey to learn new things and adjust to a new culture with renewed faith. It is nearly three months since we have been here in this new world and a new country. God has been filling us with His graces and we are searching every day for a key to every problem, a light for every shadow, a relief for every sorrow and a plan for every tomorrow. Trusting God is more than what we feel and see. We walk by faith not by sight”.



In general, the Philippine are lovely, and the people are friendly and respectful. At present, the Sisters are engaged in visiting the families, children and the sick. They also visit different religious congregations of priests and sisters in order to search for a clear sign of an appropriate mission for the near future. The motivating force, concern and care of the Indian Pallotine Fathers in Bacolod are very much appreciated.

As our Sisters go forth to be heralds of God’s wondrous deeds, let us be united with them in their journey and offer our valuable prayers for all their activities. May the Holy Spirit grant them courage to proclaim the newness of the Gospel in the land of the Philippines.



The sisters wanted to support the Pallottine Fathers in their mission, but unfortunately no appropriate mission presented itself in which they could be involved. So they returned to India after about a year.