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General Chapter 2016 – Tuesday, June 28

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fr Rocky

We started today, traditionally, with the Holy Mass which, same as yesterday, was celebrated by Father Rocky. During the homily he reminded us that we need to trust Jesus totally. A storm on a sea is a test of our faith. This is a lesson for us to surrender to God completely. Jesus and the disciples on the boat present also an image of the Church. It may seem strange that during such a violent storm Jesus is sleeping. According to Saint Augustine, as Father Rocky said, it is our faith that is sleeping. To awake faith is to awake Jesus who is sleeping inside of us. Awake! –

Father refered to the theme of our General Chapter. It is important to row the boat in the same direction. Into the future of the Church and our Congregation. Without Jesus we will not manage, we will not cope. During our hard times we should remember who are we calling for help – God who created us out of nothing!!! He can do anything!!!

We spent our day reading the reports of each Province, Region and Delegature. It allowed us to look at the past with gratitude, to study carefully our present, and to look into the future with faith and hope. The Love of Christ impels us!!!