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General Chapter 2016 – Friday, July 1

July, 1st

pope francis embraces

During our morning Eucharist Fr. Raul Gomez Ruiz, Salvatorian, said in the homily that the problem of the Pharizeehs was not the law but the fact that they paid so much attention to it. Jesus said: I want mercy, not an offering. The most important sign of love is mercy. The siners are in the center of Jesus”s community. He didn”t change who they were but sat with them at one table. This was something that was beyond the Law.

Our session before the noon was dedicated to the Commission reports:


Historic Commission – Sr. Adelheid Scheloske

Report of s. Adelheid finished with many words of joy and gratitude. We talked a lot about a history of our beginnings. History is a source of our Pallotine identity. What happened yesterday is deeply connected with what is today and that what is ahead. We need to be aware that we are a part of rich and moving history.

The Our Way of Life Commission – Sr. Iwona Nadziejko.

This report opened a discussion about a constant need of actualisation of the Our Way of Life, as well as about a matter of translation into other languages and a possibilty of preparing a commentary.

Statistics of our Congregation from years 2010 – 2016 – presented by Sr. Beata Matuszewska

Our afternoon session was deidcated to formation. The report: Consecrated Life and Formation” was presented by Sr. Josephina D’Souza.

Pallotine formation has the following foundations:

  • Christ as our Center;
  • Maturity in a human, spiritual and apostolic dimension, and on a community level;
  • The Pallotine charism to become an apostle walking in the footsteps of Jesus, the Apostle of the Father;
  • The Pallotine antrophology which puts Christ as a model as he is fully human and fully divine;
  • Apostolic and missionary spirituality, and formation in that spirit;
  • Spirituality of merciful love;
  • Spirituality of communion and collaboration, we are a community of consecrated people who profess common search and service in the name of God”s will;
  • Spirituality of Pallotine consecration which relies on a complete gift of oneself for God;
  • Spirituality of Mary Queen of the Apostles, to follow her in Her following of Jesus, serving the Church through prayers and deeds;
  • Spirituality of the UAC for the service of the Universal Church.

Our future is an international and intercultural engagement. Working in groups and sharing our ideas turned out to be a fascinating experience.



Reflections on “Christ is our center.” – Consecrated Life and Formation – Report of Josephina D’Souza, SAC, 01 July, 2016.


The center is the living core of a thing:

From it radiates the source of the whole –

All those splinters of matter that make up

The universe of our daily lives, and gently touch

The hungry, the sorrowful, – anywhere there is need.


— pjc: 03 July, 2016