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From the kindergarten…

The community of the St. Vincent Pallotti Integrative Kindergarten in Warsaw – that is, 100 children with their families, as well as the Sisters and lay collaborators – are daily grateful for the opportunity to meet “live” every day and to trust in God…. In this time of pandemic, when schools and other institutions are working online, the kindergarten community, despite the sometimes difficult sanitary precautions, experiences the blessings of praying together, joy, learning and projects carried out in the premises and garden of the kindergarten.

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The children readily participate in the activities including diverse topics, movement, music, dance and language, and in outdoor activities, as well as a county-wide reading and math project. Younger and older preschoolers also meet for catechesis, theater workshops based on biblical stories, and they participate in competitions and art shows. The daily routine of many children with disabilities also includes physiotherapy and various therapeutic activities that are carried out in the kindergarten. It is still amazing to see the high attendance in each group of children, so that most of the time the sounds of “normal” life can be heard in the kindergarten: bustle, laughter, singing, cheerful games. But there are also sad days in the kindergarten, and there are even sadder days and difficult experiences when some children and staff are sick or in home isolation or quarantine….


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But above all, the families of the children and the staff are united by the faith and confidence that in this uncertain time we are all children in the hands and heart of our Father … and nothing will happen to us because He cares for us infinitely. This presence and closeness of God in our midst is especially evident now during Advent. Calendars with daily tasks, participation in special “Rorate” services, and listening to and telling Bible stories help us on our Advent journey. Advent is also a special time of giving in the kindergarten community…. To the great joy of the children, there is a festive encounter with St. Nicholas, who teaches us about kindness of heart anew. Also this month, the kindergarten received a donation from a foundation that will allow the kindergarten to offer diagnosis and hearing therapy according to the Johansen IAS program for children with developmental disabilities.

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The kindergarten community enjoys sharing with others. We provide spiritual support to families facing difficult situations due to illness, disability, misfortune or the death of a loved one. Each year, the Kindergarten families also engage in various forms of material assistance to children and families in Cameroon and to children from orphanages. In recent weeks we have prepared – once again – packages with sweets, cosmetics and other items for children in Rudnik.

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Christmas is just around the corner… The children are learning Christmas carols, making Christmas tree decorations, and they are preparing a nativity play with their educators, which will be recorded so that they can watch it together with their family members and thus share their love with them. We wish you all a blessed Advent and Christmas season, in which you will always and everywhere experience the LOVE of God and people!

Sr. Agnieszka Partacz, SAC/ Poland