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From the “front” of the fight against the pandemic…

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Dear Sisters,

I would like to share with you some thoughts from the “front” of the fight against the pandemic, this invisible opponent. As we all know, the situation throughout Italy is critical and unfortunately also in Rome, which is a completely different city than as we know it, is increasing in incidences. Statistics on infection, recovery and mortality are far from giving hope that the epidemic will end soon.


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This is most evident within the hospital. As health care workers, we are under constant pressure both for the care of those who are facing death and the danger of getting infected. In short, it is difficult physically, mentally and spiritually. Many people are dying without the Sacraments. There is a lot of fear in this situation, also among my colleagues, doctors and nurses, for the future of children, parents and relatives. Some of them, in order not to infect others, will separate themselves and live alone. This is another source of pain and suffering for entire families and most of my colleagues since they are very young people.

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We try not to lose faith and know that everything is in the hands of a good God. Many of us seek refuge and strength in Him. Now we start every work/ shift with the sign of the Holy Cross and a moment of prayer, something that was never here before. It is definitely a time of trial and reflection for all of us; a reminder that we are not omnipotent and that our life is not only fragile but is heading towards death. We believe that this death is the gate through which we pass through to the Father’s House and that a good and merciful God the Father is waiting for us. In the face of constant danger in which we work, I notice many positive situations, gestures of solidarity, kindness, prayer and mutual support. A few days ago, when I was walking down the street and Carabinieri were passing by, they called to me: “Sister, pray for us.” I, along with my colleagues from the frontline of the fight against the virus, are asking, like those carabinieri mentioned before: “Pray for us”. We need God’s help because we know that human strength alone is not enough. We need God’s grace and our faith; we need your prayers. Grazie.

Sr. Marta Siluch SAC

A nurse in FBF Hospital

Isola Tiberina Rome