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Following of Christ, Apostle of the Eternal Father

pallotti jubil1

The Union of Catholic Apostolate proposes that our spirituality be one of following Jesus Christ. Article 16 of the General Statutes of the UAC indicate what this entails and how it should be lived:
“The spirituality particular to the Union is the following of Christ, Apostle of the Eternal Father. In faith and in love, the members of the Union choose to remain united with the Crucified and Risen Lord ever-present among them (cf. Mt. 18, 20). They strive to imitate his love of the Father and of all people, seeking to imitate his life-style and apostolate as perfectly as possible.”

V.Pallotti by Sr.Julitta Gołębiowska SAC; collage: Sr. Miriam Studzińska SAC