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Financial Commission

Sr. Izabela Świerad, General Superior, and the members of the Financial Commission, Sr. Anna Małdrzykowska, Commission Chair, Sr. Stella Holisz, Ms. Jennifer Trotter, Mr. Christian Frücht and Sr. Mary Grace Barile, met in Rome from November 4 -7, at the Generalate. Ms. Trotter and Mr. Frücht, a newly appointed lay member to the commission, are the financial advisors from the English and German provinces respectively.

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The purpose of this meeting was to receive an update on the action points that were developed during their last gathering in the spring of 2017, and to discuss the financial situation throughout the Congregation as it currently stands. The group listened to the financial reports of each province and concentrated on the challenges of today, they being: finding new sources of income for our newly developed missions, and International Novitiate, preparation of financial independence of our young provinces, and professional trainings of our young sisters in financial roles. Also discussed were the importance of having lay professional financial advisors in each of our countries/ provinces, being open and trusting of their advice, as well as the needs of our older provinces, as the number of employed, salaried sisters is declining, while cost of medical care, living expenses and natural improvements/renovations to our community houses increase.

The members of the commission left this meeting with set goals, and believing that much was learned and accomplished during their short time together.