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Chronicles of the CA: Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday, August 04, 2011

This morning we enjoyed hearing more about our history from Sr. Gerburg Vogt and Sr. Magdalena Klein. After the Pallottine Sisters (later Pallottine Missionary Sisters) were established in Limburg, we experienced a wave of many young, energetic and eager women entering our Congregation. Their “problem” would be a God-send for us. The problem? What to do with so many young women? How to keep them occupied during the day? How to channel that energy? The answer was the missions. After opening the mission in Cameroon, we went to England, Sisters then were sent to the United States and from there to British Honduras. This was only the beginning for our Congregation with many other missions to follow to distant countries and continents. Sr. Gerburg encouraged the daughters to continue writing their histories.

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When reflecting on the pioneer Sisters, we do not know how they accomplished all they did with so little they had. Every talent that God gave to them, they put to use. No talent—no matter how small—was squandered. Our sisters learned to make their own furniture, how to survive tropical climates, and how to die on foreign soil. These remarkable women gave us a blueprint on how to live life on its own terms. When God gives you lemon, He also gives you a recipe for lemonade.


In the afternoon, the Sisters went to Vallendar to visit the Pallottine and Schőnstatt places of worship. We were taken on two tours, one with Rev. Arthur Pfeiffer and Rev. Savio, both Pallottine Fathers who live in Vallendar. We enjoyed seeing statues of St. Vincent and learning more about the relationship between Pallottines and Schönstatt movement.

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