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First Profession in Doume – 2016

It was already the second time in the Pallottine Missionary Sisters’ history in Cameroon that a first profession took place of one of our Camerounian Sisters. Novice Léa-Nadège Biabi à Yombi pronounced her first vows in the chapel of the Delegature House in Doume. For all of us it was a very joyful day and much expected by Sr. Léa-Nadège herself, her parents and relatives.

radosc konsekracji1

The Chapel was filled to the brim. It was a special moment of joy for Srs. Fabiana and Weronika, who had great vision of constructing a big Chapel in the Provincial house hoping that in the future novices could make their first profession in it. Their desire was fulfilled on the solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady in 2016. The main celebrant of the Mass was Fr. Jules Nkodo, Regional Superior of Pallottine Fathers. Our youth, candidates and novices formed a wonderful, multilingual choir that praised God in various Camerounian languages such as: ewondo, maka, foufoulde accompanied by drums, tam-tams and with castanets. Many participants and relatives of Sr. Lea-Nadege were touched by the moments of the liturgy. There were tears of joy running down on their cheeks. In the beginning of the Mass the parents blessed their daughter and proceeded to the Chapel.

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After the homily the words of the first consecration were pronounced by Sr Léa-Nadège with much joy : « of my own free choice I dedicate myself to God and … I vow that I will live a life of chastity, poverty and obedience… Through this religious institute I place myself at the service of the Church ». Then there was a blessing of a habit and a veil. After a while Sr. Léa-Nadège entered the chapel dressed in the Pallottine Sisters’ habit. Sounds of joy and applause could be heard from all sides.


procesja z darami1

Sr. Grażyna Wojnowska, the Delegature’s superior, other sisters, priests and family congratulated the newly-professed sister. When the time came for procession with gifts, Sr. Léa-Nadège’s family members were walking to the altar carrying pineapples, plantains, fruits, a live Cock and fat goat. At the end of the Mass Sr. Grażyna expressed her gratitude to all the guests and Sr. Léa-Nadège thanked her parents for her upbringing and for their Christian witness. She also thanked the postulancy and the novitiate directors for their motherly care during the process of formation.

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After the final blessing, everybody was invited to the dining-room to take part in the grand agape. Joy of the participants was expressed in bafia dances, singing and bringing gifts. Sr. Léa-Nadège’s father in his speach praised God for the work of evangelization of Cameroon by Pallottine Fathers and Sisters – the first messengers of the Good News. He stressed how proud he was that his daughter became a Pallottine Sister. The crowning of this great and beautiful event was Magnificat sung by all present.

Sr. Anna Kot, SAC