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We pray with St. Vincent Pallotti

pallotti jub5a

St. Vincent, in his prayer, is completely absorbed in God. Let us pray with him.

“My God, in every moment you nourish me with your Wisdom and you destroy my ignorance. You nourish me with your inaccessible Light and you destroy all my shadows. You nourish me with your infinite Perfection and you destroy my life which is a monstrosity of imperfections. You nourish me with your infinite Being and you destroy my brutish life, my loathsome self, a sinful man, and by a miracle of your Mercy, even though I have merited infinite times to lose God forever, God himself with all of his Nature, Person and Attributes made Himself all mine, he becomes my nourishment and he nourishes me always, so as to transform me into Himself and make me one with Him. Therefore, I am all in God and God is all in me: and with His eternal nature he brings me to all times and in his immensity he brings me to all places and I experience myself as eternal and immersed in Him. Oh Wondrous God, oh Infinite Mercy”. (cf. OOCC X, 696-698)