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“God works in the most ordinary of experiences. We catch glimpses of God moving and transforming us. An illness, a job change, a difficult conversation, a chance meeting with a stranger – all things look like one thing in the moment, but later we see how God was moving in those moments to heal, strengthen, or grow us…. We must foster an openness – a hospitality of the heart to be able to see these workings of God more clearly…. We are challenged to keep our eyes open to see Jesus, our constant traveling companion.” Janel Esker


1window st margaret millington east yorkshirebythomas denny of dorset

The road to Emmaus has many levels of travel

We may walk a country road, or tread a city street

But He will suddenly be walking with us

And we know Him only in the breaking of bread.

Every face in the crowd mirrors His face

As He has touched us all with His healing heart

A hand of Infinite Love, heavy on our shoulder

Lifts burdens that have crushed us into weariness.

When He appears in the stranger’s features

Or with soiled, callused hands, we quietly shy away

To a more comfortable spot with stronger securities –

A place where we are more complacently at home.


But somehow we must know Him as He serves us

The gentle movement, the quiet sweep of grace

We suddenly recognize His actions and then

All anxieties disappear in an instant of brilliant light.

Imagine God in dusty sandals! – Jesus hiking rocky paths

A little TOO familiar for our personal comfort

We prefer a sparkling white robe and a softly glowing halo

Not this earthly humanness fixed in time and space.

Walk with us now, Jesus, keep us close to you

Help us to find you in the simple acts of life

Heal us with your love, disperse our fears of living

Open our hearts in a gallant introduction to grace.

May we develop “a hospitality of heart” to the hurting –

Those broken and damaged by the pain of life

Make us brave enough to share the gentleness and compassion

That will mark us forever as followers of Infinite Love.

By Sr. Phyllis Carpenter SAC


On the Road to Emmaus, Window by Thomas Denny of Dorset, St Margaret, Millington, East Yorkshire