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Take Courage!

jesus walking on water2

“Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.” Mt 14


Prayer for the Central Assembly Participants


Let them

Walk on water:

Giving them

Courage to

Reach out

To the sick,

The poor, and

The lonely,


That You

Live, and love,

And speak

Through their

Crying needs.


Like Elijah of old

Let them hear

And heed the

“Tiny whispering

Sound” of God,

Urging them

To greater

Love and service.

Faithfully bearing witness

In the Holy Spirit,

Grace them

To envision

With renewed

Zeal the Pallottine

Passion for

The Mission of Christ!

pjc: 08/07/11


Readings for the 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Aug. 07, 2011


Matthew 19: Jesus walks on water.


1 Kings 1: 19: Hearing The whispering sound of God’s voice


Romans 9: Bearing witness to the Holy Spirit.