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Saturday, 17 December 2022

Lourdesgrotte MarienbornIn those days, Mary set out and journeyed in haste into the hill country to a town of Judah.
Lk 1:39

Mary took off – broke open – opened up

Opening up under your light and opening up to you, Lord and God. When someone set out, is open, as a flower opens with the light, open, hold out to the light, the warmth, fertilisation, so the person, when set out, is open to God, hold out to the light, surrendered to the spirit – then this person hurries, lives – in God, out of God, for God.

Mary, be greeted, you bright morning star!
The radiance that surrounds you proclaims the Lord to us.
Pure from every blemish, you shall be the Mother
of the Most High for human salvation.

God wants you to receive the Son from his hand;
through Him He will ascend to the throne of David,
and at the same time the Son of the Most High
He will be called Jesus; His kingdom is without end.

The Son whom you receive is longed for by all the world
with holy longing; for He is that hero
who breaks our bondsand calls us out
of the shadow of death into the light.

Advent hymn 

Sr. Reinhild


Photo: Sr. Irina Cziczerowa