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Our Lady of Fatima School, Huntington


In September of 1954, this school opened under the direction of Srs. Anita Fromn, Alacoque Funkeler, and Carmencita Brown. In September of 1955 the seventh and eighth grades moved into the old “temporary church.” In 1977, a new addition to the school began, and completed in 1978.

The sisters left the school in 1993, and it continues to function under lay leadership. The school is located in an affluent area of Huntington. The adults are professionals, and they demand a high level of performance from their children. The goal of the school has always been the achievement of academic excellence.


The original team of sisters assigned to Fatima worked together like a well-oiled machine. During the summer vacation of 1957, they gathered at the grotto of the Blessed Mother at the old novitiate on McCoy Road and prayed the rosary together, asking to be allowed to stay at the task for another year. At the end of summer, all were transferred – to three different schools!