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My God, My Mercy


St. Vincent Pallotti

My God, my Mercy, my Paradise, you have given me the desire to work for Your glory and for the salvation of souls; increase this desire in me so that I do not wish anything other than a infinitely burning flame for all that contributes to Your glory and to the salvation of my neighbour. My God, act in me as you will. Expand my desires. Give me the grace to act as You will … in the same way that You act.


God, my all, now and always, infinitely mine in supreme suffering, in infinite love, in receiving your grace without enjoying it, taking pleasure only that you be infinitely glorified and that I be infinitely held in contempt: this would be my Paradise. My Jesus, I am unworthy to participate in your humble, poor, painfilled, charitable, arduous and despised life, however you allow me this participation in your infinite mercy. (Vincent Pallotti, cf. OOCC X, 726-729)