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Meeting of the Finance and Mission Commissions in Rome – 2017

20170408 154856

Upon the invitation of the General Government, the newly appointed members of two Commissions such as Finance and Mission, gathered for their first meeting in the Generalate, Rome. These meetings were held simultaneously from 04-07 April 2017. Initially Sr. Izabela Świerad, Superior General, welcomed all the members, particularly two lay professionals and members of the finance commission, namely Ms. Jennifer Trotter from England, and Ms. Ingrid Hannappel from Germany. She expressed the importance and the goal of these meetings, as well as the common responsibility for the heritage and goods of the Congregation. She invited the members to embrace the present reality of every Province, Region and Delegature and to find innovative ways to support and develop the missions.

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20170407 154555

After the discussions in their respective teams for three days, the members came together for a conclusion meeting with the General Council. All shared their deliberations, ideas and goals that they have set as necessary to begin working on throughout the International Congregation. They also realized the need to work together for the self-support of each mission.

20170408 153435

20170408 154146

However, many concerns were addressed to find a common ground for the entire Congregation, as in one part the communities are growing and in another one the number of the Sisters is diminishing. Both Commissions worked diligently and presented valuable suggestions. Coming together for the two meetings was most important, as it strengthened the vision of what is needed to be implemented.

The perfect end to the week was celebrating together over a dinner. Many of the members stayed for the Palm Sunday celebration with Pope Francis at St. Peter’s Square.

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Sr. Mary Grace, SAC