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Marienborn Seeds

well worn stone stairway8

Dedicated to our Sisters at Marienborn and to the Gästehaus who offered hospitality to the leadership of the Pallottine Missionary Sisters of Rome, Poland, England, Belize, Rwanda, India, United States, South Africa, Switzerland, and Germany:

Worn over time, one step gracefully on one step—stone

Climbing to and from Chapel—wearing down the years

Long habits fingering the floor

How many prayers rose from these steps?

How many worries? How much joy?


The feet of missionaries, who cherished their homeland,

Sent forth from that Chapel and forth from the land of their birth,

Descending these stairs

Over miles of seas and land.

Oceans away, no steps of stone—to sand dunes and rock

Marienborn flowers a melancholy, sweet memory

Replaced in the eyes of persons hungering for the Word

Bearing new flowers in new lands from Marienborn seeds

Worn over time, step-by-step planted firmly on foreign soil

Chiseling ancient rock into new hallowed walls

How many prayers arise from need?

How many dreams? How much hope?

The feet of our missionaries return,

Echoing harmony of praise

Rising on worn-down stone floor

Renewing their vows

Celebrating years of faithfulness born in farewells and trials.

Waves bringing the pioneers, their daughters and grand-daughters home,

Rejoicing at jubilees of those 50 and 60 years of committed living—alive!

Deepened gratitude of seeds harvested in flowers

Born into New Life.

Sr. Gail Borgmeyer, S.A.C. – August 09, 2011


The Old Staircase in Marienborn – a Silent Witness…

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