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From the literary remains of Sr. Maria Knaus SAC

our lady limburg

When I ask myself what carried me through all these years, then immediately, my leitmotif comes to my mind: “the joy of the Lord is my strength” from the book of Nehemia. Yes, despite of exterior concern and hardship, my innards was always full of joy. I could be glad about God and thank Him for his goodness, for his mercy, and most of all for his great glory. Again and again it resounds within my soul: “We give you thanks for your great glory”.


The joy of God brings about deep peace within myself, that nothing can threaten or ruin. It helps me, to be good to others, although I do not always succeed, since despite of it all I am also concerned about myself. The joy about God sometimes inwardly makes me shout for joy and rejoice. I like to pray although I have to note, that my thoughts drift and I not always keep to the point. The greatest gift for me is the daily Eucharist, in which Jesus takes me into his passion, his death and his resurrection.

I am very grateful to my parents, that they have given me the name of Maria in baptism and that my aunt Maja has become my godmother. She was always an example to me and regarding her goodness and love she could not be surpassed.

From an early age I always thought, that Maria is the most beautiful name that there is. I believe that Maria, the mother of Jesus has accompanied me during my life’s journey. Again and again I seek refuge with her, for she knows best, what I need to have joy in the Trinity and to live my life in this

‘I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!”‘ May this joy fill my inwards completely, when the Lord will call me to himself into his eternal joys.

This is my wish and my prayer today, and I hope for all the days of my life
… and for all of you who will listen to these words.

Limburg, October 2008