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Dio Mio Tutto!


God is above all

Not the intellect, but God,

Not the will, but God,

Not the heart, but God,

Not sight, but God,

Not hearing, but God,

Not smell, but God,

Not taste and tongue, but God,

Not breath, but God,

Not touch, but God,

Not air, but God,

Not food and drink, but God,

Not clothing, but God,

Not tranquillity, but God,

Not worldly goods, but God,

Not riches, but God,

Not honour, but God,

Not worldly recognition, but God,

Not dignities, but God,

Not promotions, but God!

God in all and for ever!


January 22 is a special day in the calendar that allows us to look anew at St. V. Pallotti and to begin a common journey in the seeking of God.

It happens that sometimes mountains cover all that is behind the mountains, and that daily life covers the true values behind that life. Therefore, let us pray with the words of St. V. Pallotti. May his desires become ours; may his passion, zeal and faithfulness become guiding signs for us.

With the best wishes to every Pallottine Soul, for the seeking of God all the time and a living in continuous admiration of His Mystery – may we live God’s desires.