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Chronicles of the CA: Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday – Morning


Presentations were begun from the provinces and regions. Sr. Clara started out the first presentation on our newest province, India—Mother of God Province, accentuating her report with a power point. Sr. Consuelo followed with the story of Belize.

srconsuelo srclara

Sr. Consuelo and Sr. Clara

Part of the Belizian presentation was small vignettes of a television special on our Sisters and ministry at Nazareth House in Punta Gorda, Belize. The Sisters enjoyed hearing the stories of some of the Sisters who live in that community. For Sr. Clara and Sr. Josephina, seeing their former novitiate and novice director, Sr. Josefina Allamilla, brought back “sweet memories.”

Adding spice to the presentations were the names of pioneer sisters that came from Germany; i.e, the four who first came to Belize, and Sr. Caritas.

Tuesday – Afternoon/Evening

This afternoon we were given the opportunity to learn about MaZ-Program (Missionary auf Zeit/Missionary on Time). Sr. Irene Weber, director and three team members (Roswitha Rambichler, Barbaraa Leyendecker, and Ruth Dornseifer) gave an over of the volunteer missionary program.

img 3571

The three women provided an outstanding witness of their understanding of what it means to be lay missionaries—to go out for a time and to came back and creatively come and redefine their roles as missionaries in their own vocational state in life.




Visiting the Pallottine Fathers

img 3587


In the afternoon, the Assembly members visited with the Pallottine Fathers and Brothers. Entering the Queen of Apostles Church, we walked in the footsteps of the first German Pallottine Fathers and Brothers. Above our heads was a canopy of arches that could be described as our hands in prayer to God—and God’s omnipotent protection covering His people.

img 3574


After visiting the Chapel we made our way toward the Museum of the Missions. Pictures of all the former Superior Generals of the men’s Congregation lined the walls. Then, unexpectedly, we came to a glass case that held a pair of familiar shoes—those of St. Vincent Pallotti.

img 3578

Our tour guide was Fr. Alexander Holzbach, S.AC., who celebrated the opening Mass of our Central Assembly. We paid our respects at the cemetery and prayed for the souls of the Fathers and Brothers. We saw the headstones with names etched in our history books where the lives of our Sisters and Fathers intersected.

img 3600

The Holy Mass was concelebrated by the Pallottine Fathers with the main celebrant being Fr. Alexander Holzbach, S.A.C. The parish community joined in our prayers.

Our evening meal was prepared by one of the Pallottine Brothers. About 40 Fathers/Brothers were present with us. We were mixed throughout the room. Former missionaries—40 years in the missions, shared their stories.

img 3591

Sr. Izabela thanked the Fathers and Brothers for their hospitality on behalf of all of the Central Assembly members. Our bond remains strong after so many years.