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Chronicles of CA: Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It was the day when we had to come to the end with our discussions. Therefore the working sessions, today coordinated by Sr. Josephine D´Souza, were filled with many items and much information. Unexpectedely, a spontaneous evaluation arose in the afternoon, which had been planned for the last day. Each sister shared her impression. Again and again the sisters expressed, how good and precious it was to come to know more about our history, to be in the “Motherhouse” in Limburg, and meet many elderly sisters, experience the atmosphere of belonging to that place, prayer and trust in the guidance of God, share the same call to missionary life – and the joy of the jubilee celebrations. The Central Assembly revealed to us a spiritual and human experience: we come closer to each other and we need each other. There was no end of praise for the hosts: Sr. Helga Weidemann, Sr. Magdalene Klein and all the Sisters, who had taken care for us with great cordiality.

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