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Charism of St. Vincent Pallotti


Because of the worsening crisis of faith in his time, and because of the growth of the Church’s work in the mission, Pallotti saw the urgent need to revive the faith of Catholics, to renew their love and to unite all in Christ. To achieve this objective he considered it indispensable to secure the collaboration of all the members of the Church, both clergy and laity, and to unify their efforts in order to promote with greater effectiveness the apostolic mission of the Church.

Indeed, he was convinced that all members of the People of God are called to share in the apostolate. He saw this as a duty flowing from love, the Lord’s greatest command, whereby all persons must be as concerned for the salvation of their neighbor as they are for their own. He also saw that the work of many individuals would be more effective if it were integrated nand directed toward a common goal. Therefore, he founded the UNION OF THE CATHOLIC APOSTOLATE, whose special aim was to awaken in all Catholics a deep conviction of their call to the apostolate and to renew their love so that this call would be fully realized.

Our Way of Life, Preamble, b-c