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“And when the wine ran out, the mother of Jesus says to Him: “They have no more wine.” – Let us try to read Jesus´ answer the following way: “Is this my business or yours, woman? Has my hour not yet come?”

So many things are lacking, so many people are still needy, and there are still so many unquenched hungers … Of many we know, some we intuit. But how many “lacks” do we not yet know; how many privations are hidden in the recesses of our soul? To stand in the truth of our own powerlessness, to fall to our knees from helplessness and insufficiency, bow our head in the face of unquenchable thirst, look into the face of our own insufficiency and whisper: “They have no more… they have no more wine”. And wait until the Hour comes that satiates and fills. To abide and know that this is what is enough. Poverty – the richness of lack.