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Brief History of the Indian Pallottines

God in His goodness willed that the charism of our Holy Founder St.Vincent Pallotti be realized in the Indian soil in the year 1984 when our sisters in the General Administration took initiative to venture in to the Indian soil with the request of the Pallottine Fathers in India to start our congregation. The first missionary late Sr.Magdala Schneider arrived to prepare the soil for our existence in 1984 while the first three pioneers were taken to Belize – Central America for the Initial Formation and thereafter every year some candidates went to Belize. Altogether they were 25 of them.

The first three sisters from Belize returned after their formation in the year 1986, August to Goa where our first house is situated. In the year 1992 we began our Novitiate in India – Goa, from then the rest of the formation began to function under our own sisters.

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Every beginning has its own ups and downs, pains and sorrows. During this beginning struggles we had to accept God’s will when our dear Sr. Magdala Schneider, the first missionary, went to the Lord, as she suffered brain malaria. A person full of zeal for the Lord was an exemplary missionary who paved the way to continue the mission of Christ. Today we are proud to carry on this missionary zeal in the six states of India with various apostolates:
Tamil Nadu

The number of sisters are: 51
The number of houses: 8
The number of Novices: 6
The number of Candidates: 35

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Types of Apostolates: Nursing, Teaching, Nursery school, Social work, Health care centre, Caring for the Senior Citizen, Caring for the poor children and the Sri Lankan refugee children, Hostel for young girls, Hostel for the poor, working for the Aids patients etc.
In the recent years we have extended our apostolate in Rome – Procura.
In the past two years we have lost two of our young sisters.
Presently we have been raised to the status of a Province on the 15th August 2010.
The first three pioneers made their Silver Jubilee on the same day.

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