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Behind Murambi Hill

In the picturesque setting of Murambi Hill, two kilometers away is the parish of Ruthuru and the Pallottine Sisters mission nearby! All in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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There are two secondary schools in this territory of the mission, a primary school, “Kaoze” pastoral center and a health center. One of the Sisters works in the elementary school as a deputy headmaster, the other sister conducts catechesis in a secondary school, the third takes care of the community house and pastoral center, and the fourth sister, works in the health center.

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The health center, as is often the case on missions, is a multi-tasking place. It is primarily dedicated to the sick. Last year, 12,595 people were cured of various diseases there. The center also provides nutrition for malnourished children and street children.

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The “Maitri” Heart Adoption Office is also located here. 850 children and 60 street boys are eligible for Heart Adoption. Thanks to the support of families from almost all over the world, we can teach our little ones to write and read.

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We also prepare them for the sacraments, but most of all – by rescuing them from the street – we teach them how to live, to be good productive citizen of the country.

Sr. Dominika Laskowska SAC / DR Congo