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A trip to San Giorgio di Cascia


A trip to a small village called San Giorgio di Cascia, situated 915 metres above the sea level in a picturesque mountainous area, was a special event. For our international Pallottine Family the place is meaningful for here began the cause which later on was spread all over the world (Fr. Jan Kupka SAC). In our minds a question may arise: why is this place so important to us? All of us have special moments in our lives we happily come back to. These moments are usually connected with places where the deepest feelings are born and the desires which we later on try to attain.

In San Giorgio, among simple and friendly people, live a large Pallotti family. This is a place where in 1755 Vincent’s father, Peter Paul Melchiore Pallotti was born. Could he imagine that his son would be a founder of a great work (Union of the Catholic Apostolate) which delights many hearts and encourages them to find personal answer to the call: All for the infinite glory of God, all for the destruction of sin, all for the salvation of souls.


We, as St. Vincent Pallotti’s spiritual daughters and sons, were privileged to take a trip down memory lane with his relatives. The venue of our celebration was a small parish church which remembers the times of our holy Founder. The parish priest, Fr. Natale Rossi, welcomed us cordially. A Holy Mass was presided by Fr. Francis Harelimana and concelebrated by many confreres from all over the world. The congregation gathered in the church consisted of St. Vincent Pallotti’s relatives, Pallottine Sisters, Pallottine Missionary Sisters, UAC Lay members and parishioners.

We could experience great hospitality and kindness also during the common meal after the Mass, which was accompanied with reminiscences, singing and dancing. We all had a very good time. Then followed a procession with St. Vincent Pallotti’s statue along the winding, nicely adorned paths of San Giorgio. For those who were there for the first time it was something really extraordinary.


The time spent together will remain long in our memory and will leave a trace of joy in our hearts as we could feel the atmosphere of Pallotti’s parental house.

To all those who welcomed us and made it possible for us to participate in this joyful, simple but beautiful event we express our heartfelt thanks.

Sr. Julia Wolska SAC

San Giorgio di Cascia, Maj 2013.