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2 December

PHOTO 2021 12 02 08 55 53

We began our day with Mass. Most of the capitulars celebrated Mass with Fr. Martin in the Procura chapel; a group of mostly Polish Sisters celebrated Mass at the tomb of St. John Paul II in St. Peter’s Basilica. Sr. Izabela had allowed this as this morning was the only time when attending this Mass fitted into the Chapter’s programme. At both Masses, the Sisters heard as an interpretation of the Gospel how important it is to take the Word of God as the basis on which each one builds her life; in doing so, we must be careful not only to listen attentively to the Word of God, but to actually put it into practice.


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Everyone felt that this was a good word for the stage of work that is now beginning, in which three days will be spent working on the recommendations for the new General Council. Today our task was to discuss the motions. Unfortunately, the weather continued to be grey and rainy, so that every step out of the building (the longer way between Procura and the assembly hall as well as the shorter way from the assembly hall to the break room opposite), was no real joy. Also, our discussion was impressively punctuated with the sound of rain here and thunder there … but none of this could distract us from the important issues!

PHOTO 2021 12 02 16 51 39